LUCAS®: A simple mortality risk calculator for SARS CoV-2 positive patients at hospital admission

When to use

Use with patients admitted to A&E diagnosed with COVID-19

Why Use

Risk management of the mortality level in A&E for adult SAR CoV-2 positive patients.


  • Designed specifically for COVID-19 patients who presented themselves at A&E. This may not apply to patients seen in other setting.

  • Requires only three predictors, besides Age and Sex. All three predictors are available under routine blood test.

  • Patient population in the study had a median age of 73 years old, 63% Male, with an overall mortality of 33%. All patients were from England. Consider when applying this to your patient population.

  • Externally validated.

Developed by Surajit Ray, Andrew Swift, Joey Fanstone, Abhirup Banerjee, Michail Mamalakis, Bart Vorselaars, Louise S Mackenzie, Simonne Weeks